Ways You Could Use to Administer a Pill to Your Pet

Pet owners always take the health and well-being of their pets very seriously. Taking care of pets involves a lot more than just giving your dog, for example, enough food and water. A pet is considered to be part of the family, and it is imperative to go all out in ensuring it is healthy as well as safe. The pet owner also should ensure that the dog is given its supplement and prescribed medication like the Vet IQ in the event the pet is sick. Nonetheless, it is not easy giving your dog, for example, a medication pill. more here

As long as your pet is not on a dietary restriction, administering a pill to your dog is not that difficult. You might choose to provide the medication with the food you give it. This can be done by mixing the medication with a small amount of food since you want to avoid a situation where you mix it with the entire dog's food only to for it not to consume it. more at VetIQ

The other method is to use pet pill pockets to administer your dog's medication. These pill pockets can be in the form of treats that are chicken flavored for example. You can first give your dog a treat that does not have the pill the first time around. The dog will most likely gobble the treat without chewing. After doing this, offer another treat that has a pill inside like those produced by Vet IQ. Chances are that your pet won't even realize it has swallowed the pill. Most dog owners commonly use pill pockets. This is because these treats have a hole where the pill can be inserted.  

At times, you might find out that your dog has become an expert in separating the pill from the treat by continuously spitting the pill and eating the treat. In such instances, it is advisable to administer the pill directly into the dog's mouth. This is usually easy if the dog is accustomed to being affectionately cuddled. Hold and raise the dog's snout with one hand, open its mouth and place the pill directly to the base of the dog's tongue.  Then close the dog's mouth gently and blow on its nose and gently stroke its throat. This will encourage the dog to swallow the pill. Due to its agitation, you can reward it by giving a treat.
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